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HUGE FFF LATEX BOOBS for the discriminating Male or Female!!!

These are Brand NEW, ready to wear AND ONLY found here!!!

You WONT find this anywhere else!!!!!

Note:  This is the LAST one of these that I have and it has a red mark on one boob that almost looks like a mark from a pen but is in the latex.  It could probably be covered up by makeup very very easily.

I am the ONLY one that makes Latex boobs this large, so be the first to have your own set of Ultimate BIG BOOBS

If you need something to wear for a costume party, a drag show, for your own enjoyment or just to shock someone.......... you will LOVE these.....

These are unnoticeable under clothes from the real thing other than you will have VERY NICE boobs!!.

To Comply with modesty regulations, I have a dress & bra covering these! (although these are not made to wear out in the open because of imperfections in latex) I have these in a bra to show just how realistic these are! Because of the way these are made, these look EXACTLY like the real thing!!! - - - - - (The dress or bra, does NOT come with these!!!)

Please keep in mind that my Mannequin is almost white which will give the impression these are redder than they actually are and my Mannequin may be much smaller than you so that will make these appear larger than they actually are.

This is a Unique item that you can really have a lot of fun with!

As you can see the latex on these goes up to or close to your neck (everyone is built different) and about an inch below your breasts, and this allows you to wear a low cut dress or even a V-cut dress and it will appear that you have real skin showing but again, these were NOT really made for that but rather these were made to wear UNDER some type of dress or even a clingy top.
Latex has a tendency to have imperfections and even mold marks and although not made to be exactly like skin, it IS made to simulate the real thing UNDER clothes and with a clinging top these would be fantastic because they have the appearance from the side to hang just like real breasts!!!!.

I do Personally HAND-PICK this model for the very best that is available with the very least amount of imperfections and because these are latex, I am told that makeup can be used to hide most slight blemishes. Latex can also be cut with a pair of scissors so this can be trimmed to your liking. These are the best and most realistic you can buy without spending virtually thousands of dollars.

> If you are a real girl that is not completely flat chested but would like to see what it would feel and look like to be much much larger ........then this would be the inexpensive way to go!

If you are a guy that would like to see what it is like to have breasts but don't want to spend a lot then you will love this item as it will allow you to find out what us girls go through.

Wear these and the next time you think about asking us to have breast implants you will see what it is like to have Very Very Large Boobs.
You breast lovers...............You can be the Girl of your dreams!!!!

I would say these are probably equivalent to a FFF Cup and if you wear a clingy top you most Definitely WILL get noticed!!!!

I have had some larger chested girls asking about breasts for them and these will work for most of them. If in doubt .......following is the measurements for these..........
Latex straps from top center to where spandex straps begin = 5 inches
Latex from top to bottom (not counting straps & not counting boobs)= 8 inches

Latex width from side of breast to opposite side of breast = 15 inches

Distance between breasts skin level = 0 inches (For you girls that want CLEAVAGE - THIS is IT!)

Distance between nipples on flat surface = 7 1/2 inches

Distance between nipples on curved body = up to 11 inches

Maximum distance around chest = 50 inches(adjustable straps with Velcro) (Can be made longer with simple extensions)

Distance breasts protrude from chest = 5 inches

Each Boob is 7 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches tall with a 1 3/4 inch concave back (so small breasts will fit right into the back of these)
The Elastic on these are much like that of a regular bra in that it goes around your torso and up and over each shoulder and is fastened with Velcro and is adjustable.
This Set is made out of latex and although they can be worn by themselves like they are for shock value, if you wear them under clothes, you will need NOTHING else. .

Just place these up to your chest and tie the elastic over your shoulders and in the back!!!

This model is the ULTIMATE in CLEAVAGE!!!!!

Since this is latex, you can also trim the latex any way you would like to accommodate your own wishes. These are NOT hollow in the back but rather filled with Foam to project the PERFECT Set of Boobs!

So, dig out your Stiletto Heels, Texas Big Hair Wig, Short Skirt, Spandex Top, Makeup Kit and be the girl of your choice with the Boobs and the Cleavage of your dreams!!!

My Email is: showgirl@southshore.com or honey@honeyharlow.com

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